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Veritas Wealth is a regulated pension advisory and transfer business. Our pension transfer specialists work with expats to invest their pensions into revenue-generating assets.


When you invest, you buy assets that you expect to increase in value. The return on your investment can either be in the form of dividends, otherwise known as income payments, or capital gains.


With standard personal pension schemes, your investments are managed for you within the pooled fund you have chosen. SIPPs give you the freedom to choose and manage your own investments.

About us

How We Began

My career journey in providing financial services began in Singapore 2010, shortly after graduating from university. Due to Singapore’s highly-regulated approach to pensions, any possibility of conducting unethical business development tactics within the industry was instantly removed. This became the basis for my professional ethics.

Thereafter, I moved to Dubai where I moved from working under business development and onto being a financial advisor.

Message From The CEO

Where It All Started

After working at a series of world-renowned companies pertaining to financial services, I realised there was a dissonance between the clients’ needs and the companies’ greed. All around me, it seemed like clients were being considered a number. To them, a client wasn’t a person; They were a numerical value that led them closer to a new car or flight to Paris. With a work environment like that, you either take the big leap to leave, or you sink lower.

Our Vision

I knew I wanted a company that held a UK-centric approach of being fully transparent in all financial matters whilst ensuring that each client -regardless of personal history, needs, and goals- achieved their financial goals. In that I wanted to hold a dialogue with each client and allow complete transparency in all financial matters. I never enjoyed the hidden aspects of my work-field, the idea of placing expensive products that essentially played no vital role in the long term future of the client itself.

Our Purpose

It's for this purpose that I founded Veritas Wealth. From the beginning, I wanted to ensure and implement the sole motto of placing transparency above everything. With our highly-skilled and curated team, I’m proud to say that at Veritas Wealth we make a point of minimising the client's cost, and increasing their returns not just for them, but for many generations to come.

Lump Sum Investments

When it comes to investing, we will always recommend you seek professional financial advice.

Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is about achieving financial freedom, in other words, being able to live the life you want when your regular income from work stops

Our services

We Boost Our Client’s Success.

Our services range from providing retirement solutions, wealth planning services, pension and investment consultations, and financial advisory.

Amazing team

Our top Dedicated Professionals.

Caroline Hart

Chief Executive

Tony Evans

Chief of Staff

Maria Frank

CEO, Founder

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